Saturday, May 17, 2008


Plastic! Plastic! Plastic! There’s plastic everywhere. Apparently, plastic has taken the lead as the ultimate solution to almost every facet of human needs in this modern age. Just think about it. Look around and tell us if it’s not true. Since we can’t expect commercial manufacturers or the general public to abruptly reduce dependency on plastics, we can however, starting with our own initiative, creatively transform them into functional art in an effort to minimise plastics from entering the waste stream.

Hence we have taken the task to challenge ourselves with one of the most ubiquitous of all plastic waste, none other than the plastic mineral water bottles.

The following images clearly illustrates our enthusiastic intention to encourage everyone to re-think, re-use and reduce whatever that is considered waste.

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Thank you!
..........lisa & susim..........

Used plastic bottles to be re-used and realised into art by Lisa Foo & Su Sim M.

Plastic Light Sculptures

So here we are, staring at the sea of plastic water bottles all over the floor. Plenty of ideas, but where to start?

The mere fact that plastic water bottles have transparent quality lends itself as the primary basis of our crafty plastic adventure. With that in our minds and fuelled with inspiration and fervor, both of us began the lengthy and labourous activity of sorting, cleaning, slicing, threading,…….etc.

We finally came out with some luminous pieces as well as several non-lighting pieces.

Plastic Seacreature Series

by Lisa Foo

Plastic Organic Lifeform Series

by Su Sim Mah

Plastic Stingray Chime Series

by Lisa Foo

Plastic Container

by Su Sim M.

Art For Grabs

Was held at the Annexe, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur on 3rd & 4th May 2008. This event is a great platform for us to present our plastic art works and also to create an awareness for the general public to re-think and re-use plastic bottles. We had great response from the people who came for this event and sold some of our plastic pieces too!
Day 1

Day 2