Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reflections @ Melaka Art & Performance Festival

27 Nov 2010, Sat 7.30pm at Malacca Riverside

A collaborative process by Lisa Foo & Aida Redza, the initiation of our River Project in 2011. 

Performed by Aida Redza and Hilyati Ramli.

Light installations constructed of recycled plastic bottles & plastic bags by Lisa Foo. Reflecting the amount of plastics thrown into the river that could be turned into a delightful play of lights.

 "Imagine flower reflections dancing on the surface of water,

oh, what a delight it would be"

Reflections is a performance installation of dance and light, deeply rooted in the natural environment and relying on a 'basic state' of materials and trash, constructed around a range of sounds and sight that reflects the performance site - the river as a magical space of play and transformation. The installation will lead the spectator to the heart of generous visual, kinetic and auditory ambiances that are modest, sensorial, simple and contemplative.

More info on Melaka Art & Performance Festival 2010: MAP10