Thursday, May 18, 2017

Moved by Padi: Highlights

20-28 August 2016 . George Town Festival 2016 . Macallum . Penang . Malaysia

Moved By Padi team have been preparing the videos, together with LUMA.  We now could share with you the video of our performance highlights and Beyond The Seeds documentary of the Making of Moved By Padi.

Performance highlights of Moved by Padi, 2016. Click video.

Crew and team of Moved by Padi before the performance. Photo credits to Joie Koo.

We would like to thank once again to all our sponsors and supporters for making Moved By Padi production and documentation possible. 

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Moved by Padi: Behind the Seeds and Beyond.

20-28 August 2016. George Town Festival 2016 . Macallum . Penang . Malaysia

Behind the Seeds and Beyond is a video documentary on the making of Moved By Padi, 2016. Click video.

Rice is central to the way of life of East and Southeast Asia. It embodies nature and culture. It strengthens human/kinship relations at the table. It is a powerful and evocative symbol of the collective self of a people.

Celebrating the centrality of rice to our existence, Moved By Padi is a multi-arts collaborative project led by Aida Redza (choreographer /performer) with Lisa Foo (installation artist /scenographer), Ng Chor Guan (composer /musician), Sarah Ameera (visual artist) and Mao Arata from Japan (choreographer /performer). The project was produced by GTF 2016, managed by Ombak-Ombak ArtStudio with Production Manager, Tan Hock Kheng (ZXC Theater).

The production initiates a collaborative performance process involving four Malaysian artists – Aida Redza, Ng Chor Guan, Sarah Ameera and Lisa Foo – working together with Mao Arata from Japan. Moved By Padi is a mixed media production that is best described as a creative act. It encompasses visuals, installations and music in an experiential site dance performance to be held at Macallum site.

Moved by Padi transplanted a paddy field into the city of George Town, Penang.

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