Friday, August 5, 2011

River Meets Light Premiered July 2011

29 & 30 July 2011 . Fri & Sat . 830pm . Prangin Canal . George Town . Penang . Malaysia Eco-Light Sculptures and Installation by Lisa Foo.

PLASTIC RIVER CREATURE --- Plastic bottles turned into living sculptural puppet to mimic living creatures in our rivers. What is to become of our rivers choked with plastic trash, polluting and killing the livings in it?

The River Art Project presents River Meets Light, a mixed media performance to advocate the need to revive our river heritage. Encompassing light design, eco-sculptures & installation, expressive movements, music, poetry and visuals, this site-specific work invites the public to join in an evening of experiential showcase to trace the past, present and future relationship between our rivers and communities.

RIVER OF PLASTIC --- Plastic trash turned into sculpture to mimic our dying rivers. Are we to replace our actual rivers with artificial rivers for our future generation?

PLASTIC CREATURE --- Plastic worming its way into the nature surrounding our rivers and threatening the lifespan of the nature and creatures living in it. Are we to only watch these living creatures on documentaries?

Plastic beast sampling the water in the Canal and being poisoned by the pollutants in it. Therefore, the struggle and violent movements till the end of its death. Are we to witness such tragic of the real living creature in our rivers?

ABATTOIR --- Our rivers are becoming the slaughterhouse by the plastic trash on daily basis. Do we not care of the other livings that co-exist with us?

BOAT OF PLASTIC TRASH --- We allow plastic trash drift onto our rivers day by day, polluting and killing our source of life in the rivers. What are we to say of our action?

River Meets Light exhibition will be held on 15-28 August 2011 at:-

White Box, MAP @ Publika
1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening night on 20 August 2011 . 8pm

More info at facebook event.