Saturday, May 13, 2017

In memory of Razak Mansion, 1967-2017

30-31 March 2017 . Razak Mansion . Kuala Lumpur

Razak Mansion—Inside Out was an open studio WIP exhibition of paintings by Leon Leong and photography by Lisa Foo.

It was held on 30-31 March 2017 and later extended to April 1 and 3. The open studio was an invitation for all walks of life to come visit Razak Mansion for the last time before the demolition. The residents are now moving out and by May 15, Razak Mansion will be vacant and silent.

Razak Mansion is the last of the remaining iconic Kuala Lumpur government housing projects from the late ’50s to ’60s. The other two, Suleiman Courts and Pekeliling Flats, have already been levelled to make way for new developments and soon, this fate will also befall Razak Mansion. By March 31, 2017, the apartments where families have lived for decades will empty for good. While residents have been assuaged with the promise of new and bigger replacement apartments, what they stand to lose, in non-tangible terms, is presently unfathomable.

In Memory of Razak Mansion, 1967-2017. Film photography with installation by Lisa Foo.

Colour of Time. Paintings by Leon Leong.

B&W film photography hand printed and installation by Lisa Foo.

Colour of Time. Oil paintings on pegboards by Leon Leong.

Leong painting live of residents at Razak Mansion.

Majestic trees at the open garden between blocks.

Shadow play of Razak Mansion's vent-blocks screen.

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