Friday, January 24, 2014

YMA II travels to Penang

17 January - 31 March 2014 . Penang State Museum & Art Gallery . Penang . Malaysia

Seacreature 13 by Lisa Foo @ YMA: New Object(ion) II travelling to Penang State Museum & Art Gallery at Macalister Road in 2014

Medium: PET bottles, cable ties, LED lights, chalk

Young Malaysian Artists II is an exhibition initiated by Galeri PETRONAS to celebrate young artists. New Objection is a collective effort to create artwork that are free from any form of restrictions, regulations or barriers. It aims to explore new creative abilities in the hope of discovering new art idioms or vocabulary. Using the combination of modern techniques, these artists manage to skillfully maneuver the traditional aesthetic concepts while highlighting the meaning of their artworks.
Curator: Badrolhisham Mohamad Tahir.

Artist Statement