Saturday, February 18, 2017

Precious at Artemis Art, We are 5

13-19 February 2017 . Artemis Art . WhiteBox MAP@Publika . Kuala Lumpur

From group exhibition catalogue 'We are 5' by Artemis Art:

One of the certainly more unique visual artists we have had the opportunity to work with is Lisa Foo. Formally trained as an architect, Lisa’s professional life deals with designing things that are permanent. But her installation art pieces on the other hand run counter to the demands of architecture, something of a conscious choice. Impermanence is a key idea in Lisa’s installation works.

The first time we exhibited her installation was during FACETS, the all-women group show we staged in 2015, and our first large scale art exhibition. Utilizing primarily found organic objects – leaves and twigs among her current favourite materials – the installations Lisa creates are simple, yet mesmerizing at the same time.

Precious” is an installation that Lisa created specifically for this exhibition, and is a reminder that within the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer lies a fragility that is incumbent upon us all to protect.

Precious is an interactive installation for audience to manipulate the movements of the rustling leaves.