Friday, January 15, 2016

Fragility of Life

17 - 23 August 2015 . Artemis Art . Whitebox MAP@Publika . Kuala Lumpur . Malaysia
The pieces that I have created are about being consciously aware of the idea "living in the moment", as with our buzzing lifestyles in the world of constant immediacy, most or sometimes we forget to pause and appreciate what the beauty of a moment could provide sustenance to our being.
By Lisa Foo

Walking Around

The art installation titled WONDERING is at FACETS: a group exhibition by Cerebral Vagina at White Box Publika KL, 17-23 August 2015. Curatorial direction by Artemis Art.

WONDERING inside you will find in sequence Walking Around, Discovering the Significance, Connecting the Line, Seeking Out & Looking Forward.


This is an excerpt of Lisa Foo's profile from the FACETS catalogue, written by S. Jamal Al-Idrus:-

In addition to site-specificity, Lisa’s installation art is also about impermanence. The art itself being impermanent is a reflection of the reality our lives are lived in a sequence of specific moments. The impermanent nature of her art invites us to savor each moment, because that moment exists once, and only once.

Life, Lisa believes, is about experiences and memories, and the impermanent nature of her installation art is a reflection of this belief.

Connecting the Line
The art that Lisa creates is also how she deals with her concerns for the environment. She believes that in today’s modern world we produce too much, and once what has been produced outlive their intended purpose, they are simply discarded, posing a threat to the environment. The large collection of plastic mineral water bottles she amassed is one obvious example.

Similarly with natural materials, such as leaves and twigs, materials most people consider mundane. The art Lisa creates by reusing and re-purposing unwanted materials is her attempt at answering the questions “How can we re-use?” and “What can we create with the things we re-use?”

 Things created for a specific albeit impermanent purpose need not necessarily become useless once the end of their intended purpose is reached. Lisa is constantly finding new materials to re-purpose into objects of beauty, through her installation art. Like someone who embarks on a new venture after retirement, the post-intent life of materials can continue, only with a different purpose and in different forms.

Discovering the Significance

Discovering the Significance (close-up)

Connecting the Line (close up)
Seeking Out

Looking forward


Oct-Dec 2015 . Photography . Kuala Lumpur . Malaysia
Cloudescape: As human beings, we should aspire to sustain the wonder of nature and life!

For almost 2 months in the last quarter of the year 2015, Kuala Lumpur was blanketed in haze from agricultural fires in Indonesia - the longest haze period. It was sort of an annual affair without fail caused by open burning in Sumatra - land clearing for the planting season, illegal mostly. The smoke is blown over by the south-westerly wind over the Straits of Malacca to the west coast of peninsula Malaysia.

With dense pollutants in the air and over the sky, the days were like dooms day - gloomy and grey, smell of burnt ashes of the forest. We lost the greens of the forest and the blue skies at the same moment for convenience and greed.

Sometimes we forget to look up to the sky and appreciate the beauty we have been bestowed by nature on this Blue Planet that we are inhabiting.

A reminder for us all to being human.
Photography by Lisa Foo

Dreamy Mood Cloud

Elephant Cloud

Moon on the Blue

Floating Cotton Cloud on blue

Slithering Cloud

Golden Sky Land Sea