Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Art Residency at CHHS

4 - 17 June 2012 . Muar Johor . Malaysia

Reflecting the beauty of nature on land that we have given amiss with the artificial seacreature to remind us all to appreciate what we have on this planet. Start taking care of her before it's too late. UP-cycled plastic bottles into seacreatures series of light sculpture installations on trees. The sculptural trees were chosen as part of the installation to have people wonder on our beautiful surroundings that we owned. Further to exhibit to show and to remind us that the useless material of plastic bottles that was only used once or even not used because of it being defective during the manufacturing that it could be turned into something delightful in our environment.


Lisa Foo was invited to be artist in residence for Chung Hwa High School Muar Art Festival, celebrating 100th years anniversary with an art festival 2012.