Thursday, April 8, 2010

THE ENERGY TRAP: Painting & Sculpture

Art Exhibition -- Presented by Valentine Willie Fine Art, VWFA 
Thu 8 to Fri 23 Apr 2010

at The Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Sun to Fri, 11am to 8pm | Sat, 11am to 9.30pm

Admission Free

Lisa Foo is one of the participating artist in this exhibition with her latest work of plastic sculpture titled OCEAN ABODE.

Recycled PET bottles, wire mesh, nylon string, 
metallic paint (golden yellow & black metallic),  
LED light bulb, 380 x 120 x 70 cm
Photo by Soo Lee Chua

"The need to be creative heralds the formation of a cellular community, energy moving energy about. It motivates and gathers inspiration, and the end result is an exterior reflection of interior goings-on, albeit abstracted or full of symbolism. Sometimes we forget that art is about energy; personal energy which differs with every individual who tries their hand at being an artist." 

- Suraya Warden, curator of The Energy Trap

Harnessing the spectacular energy of some of Malaysia’s most interesting contemporary artists, Valentine Willie Fine Art (VWFA) presents The Energy Trap: Painting & Sculpture, a fun and dynamic exhibition curated by Suraya Warden at The Annexe Gallery.

Participating artists include Abdul Latiff Ahmad Padzali, Azam Aris, Bibichun, Cheong Tuck Wai, Fabian Tan, Gan Chin Lee, Hee Chee Way, Lim Keh Soon, Lisa Foo, Low Eng Seng, Mohd Safwan Ahmad, Saiful Razman, Samsuddin Wahab, Syafiq Ali’am, Tan Chee Hon and They.

More info at VWFA