Thursday, July 21, 2011

LFSS at The Lillian Bottle Project

An international artistic collaboration with composer Ben Lear, designer Hayden Dunham and a group of friends in New York City.

Lillian: A Folk Opera by Ben Lear with installation set eco-light sculpture of underwater sea creatures designed by LFSS. Made at The Gulley, a beautiful, forested estate with a strong, artistic history, where the house once belonged to Robert Frost and then to artist, Kenneth Nolan, by Ben Lear & a group of friends with mixed-plastic bottles found at TAM waste-management facility in Shaftsbury, Vermont.

"... the sculptures you see in these photos. They’ll be part of the set for an upcoming Lillian performance. A couple months ago, I googled 'plastic bottle light sculptures' and the first result I found ... in Malaysia, Lisa Foo and Mah Su Sim, design and build sculptures far more beautiful than I’d imagined. I got in touch with them and they offered to design pieces for me."

"These pieces will be truly glorious; we will marry design and activism to create stand-alone works of art that happen to reflect a global, dire issue: plastic pollution!"


The installations will be featured at the Opera Festival in New York City this August 2011. These sculptures are made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles.

More info on Lillian: A folk opera by Ben LearPhotography contributed by Ben Lear & friends.


Anonymous said...

wow, impressive....i wish they could do it here too!! always loved both your works!

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Calvin Foo said...

impressive indeed! hopes that your work and design spreads out more to the rest of the world!