Monday, December 1, 2008

Innovative Twist

by Grace Chin in The EDGE Financial Daily on 21 Nov 2008

LFSS recently featured under Live It! section in The EDGE Financial Daily on the event Pecha Kucha Night Vol.05 Kuala Lumpur.
excerpts from article, The EDGE Financial Daily, Live it!

"Lisa Foo and Mah Su Sim, who are also known as LFSS, had the crowd entranced when they shared images of their beautiful sculptures made out of over 2,000 plastic bottles. The two artists, both of whom have a background in design, sorted, cleaned, sliced and stitched plastic pieces into luminous sculptures, some of which resembled life forms. Their presentation of eerie and mysterious "beings" was given an enchanting and charming treatment, with both of them speaking in short verses to complement the projected slides.

While the duo's snaking imagery and text took the audience on a journey of the surreal,..."

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