Thursday, December 11, 2008

LFSS Featured Artist - The Story Teller

We were once co-inhabitants of this world. A world of magical amusement and dreams. A place where childhood imaginative innocence is incorruptible…..but many of us have since left this world.

The world of fairies and mystical creatures living in the enchanted forest slowly grows fainter in our memories as we make the inevitable transition into adulthood. During the course of this shift, we have unconsciously remodelled our life and surroundings with limitations and mundane routines of secular concerns. Once in a while we do secretly wish to rekindle with the realms of fairyland.

LFSS is glad to share with everybody a sparkling gem of the enchanted woods in the form of Khairul Azmir Shoib, who has all this time kept his fabled creatures very much preserved and whimsical characters immortalized through his narrative paintings, drawings, sculptures and assemblages.

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